Revolutionizing the discovery and supply of medicines

Sequencing Genomes

Our platform starts with uncovering genome sequence information from diverse organisms in the natural world, which encodes the blueprint for nature’s biosynthesis processes.

Applying Informatics

We next use advanced informatic tools to search this vast sequence space and identify segments of DNA (or genes) that encode enzymes (the cellular molecular machines) useful in making medicines.

Synthesizing DNA

We then apply cutting-edge synthetic biology tools to modify these natural DNA sequences to allow each of the enzymes to function individually and collectively in our production organism of choice, brewer’s yeast. These re-coding heuristics allow precise control over how the enzymes work together in a molecular assembly line to efficiently build the desired drug molecule.

Analyzing Data

Our fermentation and data analytic workflows achieve high-throughput, quantitative characterization of the performance of hundreds of thousands of designs based on numerous metrics critical to commercial scale up. We merge these in-house datasets with computational tools to iteratively improve, streamline, and systematize our discovery and design processes.