Unleashing the medicinal power of plants

For thousands of years, humans have relied on the medicinal properties of plants to cure, treat, and prevent diseases. Today, most of our medicines still come from nature. However, cultivating plant crops for drugs is a slow, inefficient and risk-laden process, dependent on the whims of climate, skills of farmers, and a seasonal supply chain.

Because entire plants must be grown just to extract one or two molecules, our current system wastes enormous natural resources and reduces biodiversity though overharvesting. It also creates inequitable distribution models; i.e., costly drugs only go to people and countries that can afford them.

This isn’t good medicine for people or our planet.

Our approach

At Antheia, we’re taking a new approach to creating both existing and new medicines. Our technology involves reproducing active pharmaceutical ingredients through a yeast-based fermentation process.

Old Way

Medicines take over a year to grow,
harvest, process, and produce

Antheia's Way

Medicines are “brewed” on
demand in a matter of days

Old Way

Quality hard to control
from harvest to harvest

Antheia's Way

We precisely control
quality and purity

Old Way

Hard to regulate effects
and side effects

Antheia's Way

We can fine-tune molecules to
develop less addictive medicines

We look to plants as our teachers and work with them to unleash their medicinal power. By partnering our technology platform with Mother Nature, we will unlock her full healing potential and make her better.

Our products

Antheia's pipeline includes essential medicines to treat:

Opioid addiction

Our development pipeline includes medicines to treat:

Neurological diseases
Cardiovascular diseases
Infectious diseases